Joint Rejuvenation Program


Joint Rejuvenation Program

Experiencing Persistent Clicking or Locking of Your Joints?

Joints, being high-usage and high-stress areas, undergo gradual degeneration as individuals age. On occasion, there may be an early onset of pain resulting from various illnesses or accidents. The shoulder, hip, and ankle joints, intricate regions enveloped by numerous muscles, can experience added pain due to dysfunction.

Joint pain therapy has demonstrated its efficacy in treating various conditions, such as

  • Non-Healing Fractures
  • Achilles Tendinitis
  • Pain in the Wrist, Knee, Elbow, and Ankle
  • Shoulder Pain
  • VArthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Chronic Neck and Back Pain
  • Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciitis
  • Torn Rotator Cuff

What are the available treatments?

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Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Gel Injection

Hyaluronic acid injection is commonly referred to as viscosupplementation, where a small quantity of hyaluronic acid, typically around 2ml, is directly injected into the knee joint capsule.

The objectives of employing hyaluronic acid injections for knee osteoarthritis treatment include pain reduction, enhancement of joint mobility through increased lubrication, and the mitigation of joint friction and inflammation. There is a potential for slowing down the progression of osteoarthritis as well.

Typically administered by a doctor, this treatment involves between 1 - 5 injections, depending on the brand utilised. In cases where multiple injections are necessary, they are spaced one week apart.

Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP therapy) endeavors to harness the inherent healing properties of blood to mend impaired cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. In the context of osteoarthritis treatment using platelet-rich plasma, a physician administers PRP directly into the affected joint.

The primary objectives include pain reduction, enhancement of joint function, and the potential to impede, arrest, or even repair cartilage damage. Research has also indicated that certain forms of PRP therapy could be efficacious in enhancing knee function for individuals with low to moderate-grade knee osteoarthritis.

The source of platelet-rich plasma is a sample extracted from the patient's own blood, and the therapeutic injections contain plasma with an elevated platelet concentration compared to regular blood.

At Dr Plus Aesthetics, we start with 2-3 sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart.

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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is designed to address localized pain in bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It applies low-energy sound waves directly to the affected skin area, penetrating easily to target injured muscles, joints, or tendons with precision. A handheld device, connected to a machine that converts compressed air into sound waves, is used to apply light pressure and move over the treatment area, aided by ultrasound gel for shockwave transmission.

This stimulates blood flow, induces localized inflammation, and activates the body's natural healing response, fostering cell repair and regeneration. Furthermore, shockwave therapy assists in breaking down scar tissue, improving tissue mobility, and alleviating discomfort.

This non-invasive therapy is administered on an outpatient basis and has demonstrated notable efficacy in providing substantial or complete pain relief for the majority of patients.

It proves advantageous for individuals experiencing discomfort in soft tissues (muscles, tendons, and ligaments), as well as those with joint and bone conditions. Shockwave therapy is particularly beneficial for individuals with sports-related or overuse injuries and can complement physiotherapy for various health concerns.

Sessions between 3-6 are required, 3-4 weeks apart.

Seeking joint pain therapy at our aesthetic clinic can be a transformative step towards enhanced well-being. Our dedicated team, armed with innovative treatments including PRP, hyaluronic acid injections and shockwave therapy, is committed to providing personalised and effective solutions. Whether you're addressing chronic joint discomfort, aiming for aesthetic improvements, or seeking regenerative solutions, our clinic prioritises your needs. Experience the journey to pain relief and rejuvenation with the care and expertise that define our commitment to your health and aesthetic goals. Visit us today to embark on a path to a more vibrant and pain-free life.

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